Effort, dedication and perseverance

Sometimes, we feel that we can´t cope with anything. We are surrendering. When many things are not going well, when lots of efforts have been done to achieve something and we fail in just one second, we think that there is not other option but surrendering. However, as Alicia Millán, student from 1st of Bachillerato, tells us, that is not even an option. Her story is full of things to learn. Enjoy it. Continue reading “Effort, dedication and perseverance”

“The Akram’s Book”: Chapter Eight

Chapter eight: revival

The atmosphere of the room turned hostile and the silence was hard to bear. It was easy to find distress and worry at every corner of the small library, but especially on our faces. My hands started shivering, and Yin was absolutely edgy and anxious. “After all the conclusions we’ve arrived to and all the effort we’ve done, is this our defeat?” I was thinking, negatively. Continue reading ““The Akram’s Book”: Chapter Eight”

Experience with SYA

With no doubt, going to School Year Abroad (unknown for me until I participated in this activity) has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had learning English.

I have to say that the activity has been really different from what I expected. However, and as I will explain later, I totally recommend it to everyone who wants to learn English, but also to learn about American culture. Continue reading “Experience with SYA”